Briggs Warren for City Council

Looking to the Future 

Hello, and welcome to my website. I’m Briggs Warren, and I’m running for election for a seat on the City Council for the Northwest District. Sioux Falls is growing. Currently, 37% of residents are under the age of 25. When you look to the city government, there is no one there to represent this group. That’s what I aim to fix. I want to bring a voice to the table for the up and coming generation to ensure we are set up for a prosperous life in Sioux Falls in the years to come and to bring the issues that matter most to the forefront. Being a young person who has spent most of his life in Sioux Falls, I understand the worries we have.

For a more detailed list of my main priorities for time in office, please continue to scroll down.

Briggs Warren

Briggs Warren

Candidate for City Council Northwest District

My Priorities

An Informed citizenry is crucial to a democracy and without transparency, we can not have either. That is why one of my top priorities will be to ensure nothing is hidden away behind legal documents unable to be viewed by the very people they concern.  
Fiscal Policy
At the end of the day, the money used to run this city is your money.  With the tax money collected, we need to make sure that it’s used responsibly and that we don’t spend more than we have. It’s important to the city’s future that we don’t burden ourselves with unnecessary debt.
Sioux Falls is growing, and that’s great! What’s not great is megastores being built across the street from residential homes. We need to make sure we protect residential homeowners from having their neighborhoods destroyed by commercial development. I believe we can do this while still allowing Sioux Falls to grow and it will be one of my top priorities in office.
The backbone of any city is its infrastructure. While it may not be exciting to talk about it is the most important part of our city and should be treated as such. The fact is South Dakota weather is tough on our road system; we need to look into ways of extending the usable life of the roads we have and invest in the best materials possible. Other cities have been able to extend their roads during harsh winters and its time for Sioux Falls to follow suit.


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